We’re not just dreaming of a sustainable future - we’re building it.

D. Energy is a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem dedicated to transforming the energy sector. We are creating a transparent, efficient, and inclusive energy market that rewards users for investing in renewable energy.

Energy Exchange
a Blockchain


an Ecosystem

D.Energy is more than just a platform; it's an interconnected network of solutions. From trading and investing in renewable energy to building and deploying dApps, our ecosystem supports a wide range of activities that promote sustainability and innovation.

a Community

Join a vibrant community of innovators, developers, and eco-conscious individuals. Together, we are driving the transition to renewable energy, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other in creating a sustainable future.

an Energy Exchange

Trade climate assets seamlessly on our platform. Our marketplace is designed for ease of use, transparency, and efficiency, helping you make impactful investments in sustainable energy.

a Blockchain

Our secure and scalable blockchain supports decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. It ensures transparency, efficiency, and security in every transaction, making the energy market more reliable and accessible.

Why use D.energy

Proof of Energy

The D.Energy blockchain is built with a unique "Proof of Energy" (PoE) consensus mechanism. This mechanism secures the chain by channeling investment into renewable energy. Here's how it works:

Stake Renewable Energy

Certificates (RECs). Nodes buy and stake tokenized renewable energy certificates as collateral.

Reach Consensus

Nodes complete validations by reaching consensus on transactions, and are rewarded in Watt coins.

Security Measures

If any node tries to validate fraudulent transactions or engages in malicious behavior, their staked energy is slashed, ensuring the integrity of the chain.